URL Location
http://mirror2.us.bitrig.org/pub/bitrigChicago, USA
http://mirror.jmu.edu/pub/bitrigHarrisonburg, USA
ftp://mirror.jmu.edu/pub/bitrigHarrisonburg, USA
http://bitrig.antarctica.no/pub/bitrigBergen, Norway
http://mirror1.jp.bitrig.org/pub/bitrigTokyo, Japan
https://pub.allbsd.org/pub/bitrigTokyo, Japan
ftp://ftp.allbsd.org/pub/bitrigTokyo, Japan
rsync://rsync.allbsd.org/bitrig-ftp/Tokyo, Japan

You can use signify(1) to verify the integrity and authenticity of the downloaded files:
$ signify -C -p /etc/signify/bitrig-10-base.pub -x SHA256.sig cd10.iso

If you plan to help us work on the next version of Bitrig, grab a snapshot from one of our mirrors. See the Change Notes for upgrade instructions.

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