Welcome to Bitrig 1.0!

Have a look at our key features, grab a CD image from one of our mirrors and start riggin'.

Bitrig is a free, fast, and secure Unix-like Open Source operating system. It is available on current hardware platforms. The source code is freely available under a permissive license.

To learn more please read the FAQ or visit us on IRC. We also have following mailing lists available:

src@lists.bitrig.org source changes to subscribe email src+subscribe@lists.bitrig.org
tech@lists.bitrig.org technical discussion / patch submission to subscribe email tech+subscribe@lists.bitrig.org

Support us!

Bitrig is currently financed through its developers. Colocation, bandwidth, hardware, etc all cost money to keep Bitrig running. If you'd like to help Bitrig, please consider a monetary donation. We also accept Bitcoin donations at 1M8eE7vFxcjCgqFvxKnSvRoBvx3RwJVWiR .

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